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ClaimZone Manager
Full claims management system, all commercial lines

ClaimZone Reporter
Incident reporting tool

ClaimZone RMIS
Web-based risk management information system

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ClaimZone ManagerClaimZone ReporterClaimZone RMIS

Our Risk Management Software, or RMIS, acts as a gateway, allowing you to analyze all of the data from Manager and Reporter from anywhere. You’ll find immediate answers to your questions about claims existing in multiple sources.

All your data,
and organized

See all of your risks at the same time from any number of claims systems. You can print it, export to Excel or just view it on screen. No more need to sift through multiple sources. Query the claims you want and instantly see the results.

View your
data anywhere

All you need is a browser, excel and an internet connection. Nothing is installed on your computer and your data back up and security is done for you.

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