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ClaimZone Manager
Full claims management system, all commercial lines

ClaimZone Reporter
Incident reporting tool

ClaimZone RMIS
Web-based risk management information system

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ClaimZone ManagerClaimZone ReporterClaimZone RMIS


Your software partner throughout the life of the claim

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Tools to simplify your claim process





ClaimZone Manager is designed from the ground up to be a comprehensive, web-based claims management system. It covers all commercial lines and its interface is intuitive and easy to use. Learn more about the depth and ease of this great product.


ClaimZone Reporter, our Internet first report of injury system, allows multiple, unlimited users to report claims from anywhere. With robust security features and plenty of shortcuts, you’ll save time making more accurate claims.


Our Risk Management Information System (RMIS) complements our other ClaimZone products. RMIS brings all of your claim data together and consolidates it for easy access.